Due to changes in Apple’s operating system we had to redesign FlipBook for Apple from the ground up. So there are substantial differences between the two right now. But we will continue adding features to the new Apple version and will be working to update the Windows as well so both versions work the same way so you can easily move between all of your Apple and Windows devices. 

FlipBook Has Many Unique Features

FlipBook Has Unique Features That Make Animation Easier

We have added several features specifically to help teachers and students leap over the most common hurdles in animation and these same features also help the pros fine tune their animation so everything looks perfect. This makes animation faster, easier and more fun. FlipBook helps teachers teach, student learn and pros produce.

Conquer Time & Space With DigiCel FlipBook

Timing and Spacing are just two of the things that FlipBook does better than any other app. 

Timing is all about where you put your key frames and determines how long each action lasts. According to “Disney Animation, The Illusion of Life”, learning timing requires “a period of experimenting and trying and failing and trying again”. FlipBook let’s you adjust the timing while the scene loops so you can try faster and err less to find the perfect timing sooner. You can add frames to slow the movement down or delete frames to speed it up without ever stopping the playback. This is the best way to learn where to put your keyframes.

Spacing is about where you draw the inbetweens. It controls acceleration, deceleration and gives objects weight. FlipBook’s lightbox (onion skin) is more versatile than any other app. It let’s you see your previous and next drawings and any keys you want to help you know exactly where to draw.

It works just like a traditional animation disc. Whatever drawing you open goes on top of the stack and the drawings you had open before show through. This is way more flexible. So you can easily animate straight ahead or do inbetweens and it doesn’t matter how far apart the key frames are, just open them before you open the one you want to edit.


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