FlipBook For Apple

When Apple released Catalina they made some changes that prevented legacy programs from running on any of the newer versions of their operating systems without a major overhaul. We took this opportunity to re-write FlipBook from scratch. So The Original FlipBook still runs on everything Before Catalina and The New FlipBook only runs on anything from Catalina forward.

The Original FlipBook

< – Mohave

The Original FlipBook is still available and still runs on your earlier Macs from Tiger to Mohave. It still has all the features you’re used to in FlipBook and your scenes are forward compatible so when you get a new Mac they’ll still work.

The New FlipBook

Catalina – >

The New FlipBook runs on Macs, iPads and iPhones. So you can create a scene on your iPhone when the idea strikes you. Draw your animation on your iPad with your Apple Pencil and then paint and finish it on your Mac with the advantages of a big screen and keyboard.