FlipBook For Apple

When Apple released Catalina they made some changes that prevented legacy programs from running on any of the newer versions of their operating systems without a major overhaul. But now they allow iPad apps to run on the Mac. So we’re upgrading our newer iPad version to run on your Mac. This lets you move seamlessly between your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac so you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.


< – Mohave

The Original FlipBook is still available from our website and runs Macs with Tiger through Mohave and it still has all the features you’re used to in FlipBook. In fact, FlipBook has some features that haven’t been added to FlipPad yet, but they will be added as soon as possible.  And in the not too distant future you’ll be able to open your old FlipBook scenes in our newer versions. But for now, FlipBook and FlipPad cannot share scenes. 

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Catalina – >

The new DigiCel FlipPad runs on Macs, iPads and iPhones. It has an updated interface that is designed to run smoothly on your iPhone or your tablet without a keyboard and to take full advantage of the keyboard on your Mac. So now you can start a scene with some simple sketches on your iPhone the moment you feel that creative blast.  Then draw your animation on your iPad with your Apple Pencil and then finish painting and everything else on your Mac with all the advantages of a bigger screen and a real keyboard. 

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