“FlipBook is for people who want to do traditional animation like Disney & Warner Bro’s.”
It follows the traditional animation method but adds the speed & convenience of computers.



The Major Studios 
Use FlipBook

The major studios use FlipBook because it works the way animators work and doesn’t get in the way of the creative process.



The Top Animation Schools
Use FlipBook

The top animation schools use FlipBook because it lets them teach animation instead of software and it helps the students learn to animate better. 



Independant Animation Teachers
Use FlipBook

Independent animation teachers use FlipBook because it’s affordable for their students and helps them learn the basic animation principles. 

The Animation Course Tony Whilte Sasha Dorogov Larry Whitaker Wayne Carlisi Scott Peterson



Maybe You Should Use FlipBook Too

FlipBook helps teachers teach, students learn and pros produce.
It’s fast, It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s affordable with many unique features that no other animation app has.

Due to changes in Apple’s operating system we had to redesign FlipBook for Apple from the ground up. So there are substantial differences between the two right now. But we will continue adding features to the new Apple version and will be working to update the Windows as well so both versions work the same way so you can easily move between all of your Apple and Windows devices.