“FlipBook is designed for people who want to do traditional animation like Disney and Warner Bro’s.”
It follows the traditional animation method but adds the speed and convenience of computers.

Major Studios Use FlipBook

The major studios use FlipBook because it works the way animators work
and doesn’t get in the way of the creative process.


Animation Schools Use FlipBook

Schools use FlipBook because it lets them focus on teaching animation instead of teaching software
and it helps the students learn the principles of animation.


FlipBook Has Unique Features That Make Animation Easier

We have added several unique features specifically to help both teachers and students leap over the most common hurdles in animation and these same features also help the pros fine tune their animation so everything looks perfect. This makes animation faster, easier and more fun. Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a pro FlipBook Makes Animation Easier For You.

The Say “Timing Is Everything”

One of the most important things in animation is to get the timing right and FlipBook makes timing esier than any other app – period.

According to “Disney Animation, The Illusion of Life”, the bible on animation, learning timing requires “a period of experimenting and trying and failing and trying again”. FlipBook makes that faster and eaiser than anything else because FlipBook lets you adjust the timing and see the results – while the scene continues to play. You can add frames to slow the movement down or delete frames to speed it up without ever stopping the playback. This is the best way to learn where to put your keyframes.

If you want to do animation – you need FlipBook – even if only for Timing.

If for no other reason than this – you should use FlipBook.

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But “Spacing Is Just As Important”

Spacing is all about how much your object moves between frames. If it moves a lot it will look fast. If it only moves a little then it look slow. Our Lightbox lets you see any drawings you want ghosted behind the one you’re working on.


(onion skin feature) works just like a traditional animation disc. When you open a drawing it goes on top of the stack and let’s the drawings you had open before show through. This makes it way more flexible. So you can easily animate straight ahead or do inbetweens and it doesn’t matter how far apart the key frames are, just open them before you open the one you want to edit.

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